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I'm Really Going Places with Herbalife!

David Bowyer
David Bowyer

David Bowyer is 43 years old, lives in Zaragoza, Northern Spain, and has a 7-year-old daughter. He originally comes from the UK, but in January he moved to Spain to start a new life with his Herbalife business.

"After being made redundant in the year 2000, I worked in the IT industry until April 2002, when I discovered Herbalife. At that point, I was stressed out, overweight and getting ill due to stress at work."

Enter Herbalife!
"I noticed an advert in a local paper offering a great business opportunity. I talked to a man named Ian Hocking, who introduced me to Martyn and Karyn Farmer at an STS. I then had the opportunity to go to the Albert Hall to hear some key speakers talk about Herbalife. I was all fired up to go but I knew I needed to use the products myself first, otherwise what sort of example would I be?"

I lost two inches off my waist and some excess weight.
"I took F1, F2, Cell Activator and Schizandra. I felt more energetic than I had had for a long time and took up swimming and cycling and running. Once my body was back to how I wanted it, I knew it was time to look at the business. I carried out surveys to see how much interest there was in the towns around where I lived. The response was great and I got my first customer almost immediately. So many people where genuinely interested in the products, it was a very exciting start."

Through rain and shine!
"I decided to do a little PR and to product sponsor someone I knew who was doing a 33mile charity walk from Brighton Pier. He agreed to take the F1, F2 and Schizandra before he left. I phoned the press and they agreed to print the story. The day before the walk however, the newspaper called me to say they wanted me to do the walk aswell! The friend who was doing the walk had been in training for the past 8 weeks and was very fit, I was terrified but agreed to do it. We took our F1, F2 and Schizandra, had our photos taken and set off!"

The products really helped me
"I made 26 miles (a marathon) before my legs gave up and my friend managed the entire 33 miles. We both felt ecstatic and I knew that the Herbalife products had really helped me. The press printed off two stories both mentioning I was a Herbalife Distributor and naming the products we had used to support our efforts!"

My new healthy lifestyle
"Herbalife has already changed my life in so many ways. Next year I want to do the London Marathon and I know that with Herbalife I will succeed. And in this beautiful part of Spain my dream of starting a new healthier lifestyle has been achieved."

Disclaimer - These results are not necessarily typical. Individual results will vary. The Herbalife® Weight-Management programme can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.
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