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Alfonso Di Guida
Alfonso Di Guida

Alfonso Di Guida is 49 years old and lives in Rome. He teaches Physical Education in a secondary school and also works as a physiotherapist. Alfonso is an Olympic Athlete, who competed in the Montreal Olympic games, in 1976, making it to the semi finals in the 400 metres! He has been the Italian 400 metre champion on several occasions and he is the Italian record holder in the 4 x 400m relay. In 1981, he won the European cup in Zagreb and has been part of the national team on 36 occasions.

"I couldn't ignore these products; the results spoke for themselves."
"When a good friend of mine, Gennaro Cirillo (who is also an Olympic Sportsman), invited me to a Herbalife seminar I went out of courtesy to him. I certainly wasn't looking for a business opportunity and I didn't need to lose weight! However, at the meeting, I couldn't help but be impressed by the vitality and energy of the people I met. I had always believed that the only way to lose weight was to eat less and do more exercise. However, after meeting several people that night who had successfully lost weight using Herbalife products, I decided to do some research of my own. I talked to several people who had lost weight with Herbalife and asked them about their diet and how much exercise they did. I also read up about Herbalife products; finally, I had to accept that Herbalife Nutrition improved peoples lives and helped control their weight."

"I wanted my friends and family to benefit from Herbalife products."
"I started taking the Herbalife Nutritional supplements and I was amazed by the increase in my feeling of energy. I felt the same as I'd felt over twenty years ago when I was at the height of my fitness. After this, I decided to become a part time Distributor as I knew many people who would benefit from using Herbalife products. I introduced Herbalife to my family, who knew I'd only recommend something if I really believed in it. My son, who is also a four hundred metre runner, found it particularly beneficial, and with his renewed energy he found his recovery time after each training session got shorter and shorter!"

"I'm gaining new clients all the time!"
"I've now been working as an Herbalife Distributor part time for over twenty months. Many of my clients are top sportsmen and women, and they understand and appreciate the quality of these products and the benefit they can provide. Most of my new clients come to me through recommendations by others; it's lovely to work with products that sell themselves because people know they work and that they are beneficial to people. It only took me nine months to reach the GET Team; this year's aim is to join the Millionaire Team and to continue letting as many people I know discover Herbalife and benefit from these great products!"

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